tier wooden shutters fitted in bathroom

Shutter Styles

Shutters can accommodate any window size or shape, from a small porthole window to a large patio door opening. Whatever your window size or shape, make a bold statement with our stunning shutters.

drawing of a full height shutter

Full Height Shutters

Our most popular styles of shutters. Full height shutters give total coverage for the whole window. Add a mid-rail at any height to mirror your window design or split louvre control for a seamless look. Both simple and elegant. Full height shutters are great for insulation, privacy and noise reduction.

drawing of a tier on tier shutter

Tier on Tier Shutters

A versatile shutter and similar look to full height shutters. The top section can be opened independently to the lower section. Ideal for tall windows. Tier on tier shutters allow privacy without blocking the light. A perfect choice for period properties with sash windows.

drawing of a cafe shutter

Café Style Shutters

Add classic charm to your room. Designed to give privacy by only covering the lower section of window, but still allowing plenty of light in. An ideal choice to accentuate your existing window features, such as stained glass or low arches.

drawing of a tracked shutter

Tracked Shutters

The stability of a track allows you to combine multiple panels for a large opening. Choose from bi-fold or by-pass for effortless action. Tracked shutters can be made to almost any configuration required. Tracked shutters can also work well as room dividers for open plan living.

drawing of a solid shutter

Solid Shutters

For a more traditional look solid panel shutters are a popular choice for period properties or listed buildings. This style of shutter also gives you the option of full height solid shutters or partially solid with louvres top or bottom. Not just for window openings, but also an ideal choice as wardrobe doors.

drawing of a shaped shutter

Special Shaped Shutters

An irregular shaped window can limit your options in how you cover it. Our shutters can be made to almost any angle, circle or arch. Truly bespoke for any statement window.